Pei-Chuan Lin

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In this work, noise removal in digital images is investigated. The importance of this problem lies in the fact that removal of noise is a necessary pre-processing step for other image processing tasks such as edge detection, image segmentation, image compression, classification problems, image registration etc. A number of different approaches have been(More)
This paper studies the problem of optimally recovering the input signals to a linear time-invariant system when both input and measurement noises are present. We focus on batch-form solutions which are suitable for applications that deal with short-duration events. The system, the input and measurement noise covariances, the noise-corrupted output signals(More)
Motion compensation is used to reduce the displaced frame difference (DFD) during the video coding. To increase the accuracy of the point correspondence during the compensation, a three-parameter motion model is considered. The matching error can be significantly reduced as compared with that of the twoparameter block matching. To derive the parameters, a(More)
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