Pei-Chen Sun

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E-learning is emerging as the new paradigm of modern education. Worldwide, the e-learning market has a growth rate of 35.6%, but failures exist. Little is known about why many users stop their online learning after their initial experience. Previous research done under different task environments has suggested a variety of factors affecting user(More)
Previous research suggests that an eventual information technology (IT) success depend on both its initial adoption (acceptance) and subsequent continued usage (continuance). Expectancy disconfirmation theory (EDT) has been successfully used to predict users intention to continue using information technologies. This study proposed a decomposed EDT model to(More)
The rapid development of computer and Internet technologies has made e-Learning become an important learning method. There has been a considerable increase in the needs for multimedia instructional material in e-Learning recently as such content has been shown to attract a learner s attention and interests. The multimedia content alone, however, does not(More)
Like any other product, service and Web-based application, the success of Web-based learning depends largely on learners’ satisfaction and other factors that will eventually increase learners’ intention to continue using it. This paper integrates the concept of subjective task value and fairness theory to construct a model for investigating the motivations(More)
This paper addresses the scheduling problem of parallel machines with mold constraints. Each machine has to load one kind of molds to process a specific job in the production environment. Because it takes lots of time to change one mold to another on a same machine for producing jobs with different types, it will be efficient to put all similar jobs(More)