Peggy Wu

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A central source of cultural differences, with powerful impacts on perception and behavior, is communication of " politeness " and its role power and familiarity relationships, urgency , indebtedness, etc. We are operationalizing and making computational a culturally abstract and universal theory of human politeness which combines culture-specific aspects(More)
Long duration space flights such as a two and a half year mission to Mars present many unique challenges to the behavioral health of astronauts. Factors such as social monotony, workload, a confined environment, sensory deprivation, and limited access to family and psychosocial support can affect crew welfare and task performance. NASA recognizes a "risk of(More)
— Today, many individuals must interact with others who not only use different languages, but have fundamentally different belief structures and concepts of trust and collaboration. While proficiency in a language is important, it is only one aspect of effective communication. Knowledge about culturally influenced social norms, or etiquette, directly(More)
In future long duration Mars exploration missions, network limitations and the lack of real-time communication capabilities will impact various aspects of space crew performance as well as behavioral health. Studies in ground-based analogs of Isolated and Confined Environments (ICE) such as Antarctica have identified sensory and social monotony as threats(More)
We claim that ideas of etiquette can be expanded and utilized to facilitate, inform, and predict human-computer interaction and perceptions. By expanding on the qualitative model of etiquette proposed by Brown and Levinson we created a quantitative, computational model of etiquette that allows a machine to interpret and display politeness. This model was(More)
In the space exploration domain, limitations in the Deep Space Network and the lack of real-time communication capabilities will impact various aspects of future long duration exploration such as a multi-year mission to Mars. One dimension of interest is the connection between flight crews and their Earth-based social support system, their family, friends,(More)