Peggy Sommer

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The gene encoding the Epstein-Barr virus (EBV)-specific dUTPase was amplified from virus DNA by PCR. The active enzyme was expressed in Escherichia coli and in insect cells as a non-fusion protein. The protein from E. coli specifically converted dUTP to dUMP and did not react with other dNTPs or NTPs. Preliminary experiments yielded a Km value of about 0.8(More)
Transforming growth factor (TGF)-beta is known as an antiproliferative factor in the majority of mammalian cells, including stem germ cells. Lack of TGF-beta-induced growth inhibition has been associated with disruptions of TGF-beta receptors and SMADs. In the present study, we performed a mutational analysis of the TGF-beta signaling system, including(More)
We report the generation of 2 monoclonal antibodies (MAbs), 2B12 and 3E6, suitable for the detection of human dUTPase in routinely processed paraffin sections by immunohistochemistry. Using these MAbs, we observed nuclear expression of dUTPase in the proliferation zones of normal colorectal mucosa as well as in hyperplastic polyps. Colorectal adenomas and(More)
The aim of these experiments was to examine the time-difference in the induction of the amino-transferases (GOT, GPT) and the serine-dehydratase after starvation in rat liver. The activity of alaninketoglutarate-amino-transferase increased 10 hours after the aspartat-ketoglutarate-aminotransferase and the serine-dehydratase. Both aminotransferases increased(More)
Auf Basis einer Unternehmensbefragung in der deutschen Ernährungsindustrie (ERI) wird in diesem Beitrag das Potenzial zur Integration von Umweltschutzzielstellungen in das Supply Chain Management (SCM) untersucht. Es zeigt sich, dass kooperative Beziehungen in Lebensmittel-Supply Chains (SC) sehr verbreitet sind und insbesondere zu den unmittelbar vorund(More)
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