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A matched population-based case-control study was conducted on exertional heat illness (EHI) in male Marine Corps recruits in basic training at Parris Island, SC. Physical fitness and anthropometric measurements were obtained for 391 of 528 cases of EHI identified in this population during 1988-1992, and 1467 of 1725 controls matched to cases by initial(More)
BACKGROUND Exertional heat illness (EHI) is a recurring problem in military training resulting in loss of manpower and training effectiveness. A scientific approach to this problem requires quantitative analysis of factors related to its occurrence. METHODS Review of clinic and hospital records identified all cases of EHI occurring among 217,000 Marine(More)
There is much anxiety regarding the transfer of adolescents with chronic illness to adult services. Transfer of patients can be haphazard if the transition has not been planned. Problems and obstacles to transition have been identified and discussed by various authors. The purpose of this small study was to explore the views and needs of health care(More)
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