Peggy Becker

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 In contrast with previous reports, we observed high transpiration rates in mangrove trees. Maximum sap velocities and mean daytime sap flow rates were estimated from heat pulse velocity in entire, field grown trees of Avicennia cf. alba Blume and Rhizophora apiculata Blume. Results were within the range of values measured by identical techniques for trees(More)
Norristown (Pa.) State Hospital has a four-stage treatment program that prepares chronic patients for returning to the community. the program, which began in 1970, includes three token economy wards that are segregated by sex, and a coed activities ward, socialization ward, and exit ward. Over the past five years, 258 chronic patients have been discharged(More)
The association of rural or urban background with choice of practice location was investigated in two time periods, 1950--1955 and 1963--1968, using the alumni of Marquette School of Medicine (now the Medical College of Wisconsin) in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Background included size of communities of birth, high school, college, and internship. Small(More)
Spontaneous symmetry breaking is a fundamental concept in many areas of physics, including cosmology, particle physics and condensed matter. An example is the breaking of spatial translational symmetry, which underlies the formation of crystals and the phase transition from liquid to solid. Using the analogy of crystals in space, the breaking of(More)
Amorphous carbon films with high sp content were deposited by magnetron sputtering and intense argon ion plating. Above a compressive stress of 13 GPa a strong increase of the density of the carbon films is observed. We explain the increase of density by a stress-induced phase transition of sp configured carbon to sp configured carbon. Preferential(More)
Polarised IR and Raman spectra of Na3Li(SeO4)2.6H2O single crystal have been recorded. Discussion of the results has been based on the factor group approach for the trigonal R3c (C3v6) space group with Z = 2. The obtained results for the spontaneous Raman scattering have been used in the discussion of the stimulated Raman spectra of the material studied--a(More)
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