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Studies of the relationship between luminance and pupil diameter have produced widely differing results. This research note explores the possibility that this is due, in part, to differences in the size of the adapting fields used by various workers. We present measurements of pupil diameter as a function of luminance for a variety of field subtenses. The(More)
In this thesis, we present bijections proving partitions identities. In the first part, we generalize Dyson's definition of rank to partitions with successive Durfee squares. We then present two symmetries for this new rank which we prove using bijections generalizing conjugation and Dyson's map. Using these two symmetries we derive a version of Schur's(More)
Photomasks are the backbone of microfabrication industries. Currently they are fabricated by lithographic process, which is very expensive and time consuming since it is a several step process. These issues can be addressed by fabricating photomask by direct femtosecond laser writing, which is a single step process and comparatively cheaper and faster than(More)
F rom July 3 through July 11, 1999, we spent 8.3 consecutive days of HST observing on a single GO program. The primary goal is a search for planetary companions in close orbits around main sequence stars in 47 Tuc. Program 8267 (PI Ron Gilliland; see page 3) represents the single largest allocation of HST time to a General Observer through the TAC process.(More)
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