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Recursive Levenberg-Marquardt (RLM) algorithm is presented for per-tone equalisers in discrete multitone systems. We introduce how to formulate the proposed RLM algorithm for non-linear adaptive filter. Simulation results show that the proposed RLM algorithm can improve bit rate performance and Signal to Noise Ratio improvement as compared to the existing(More)
In this paper, we explore a methodology for fast computation of the look-ahead unscented Rao-Blackwellised Particle Filtering (Fast la-URBPF) algorithm. We show that the complexity of the existing la-URBPF algorithm can be substantially reduced by restricting the unscented Kalman filtering prediction and updating step to only a representative particle of a(More)
Identification of good metaphase spreads is an important step in chromosome analysis for identifying individuals with genetic disorders. The process of finding suitable metaphase chromosomes for accurate clinical analysis is, however, very time consuming since they are selected manually. The selection of suitable metaphase chromosome spreads thus represents(More)
Identification of good metaphase spread is an important step in chromosome analysis for genetic disorder detection. In this paper, we propose a rule for chromosome classification to identify good metaphase spreads. The chromosome shapes were classified into four main classes. The first and the second classes refer to individual chromosomes with straight and(More)
The adaptive step-size (AS) code-constrained minimum output energy (CMOE) receiver for nonstationary code-division multiple access (CDMA) channels is proposed. The AS-CMOE algorithm adaptively varies the step-size in order to minimise the CMOE criterion. Admissibility of the proposed method is confirmed via the reformulation of the CMOE criterion as an(More)
A mixed-tone normalised orthogonal gradient adaptive algorithm is introduced for per-tone equalisation in discrete multitone systems. We describe briefly about the normalised orthogonal gradient adaptive algorithm that is formulated from the filtered gradient adaptive algorithm by introducing an orthogonal constraint between the direction vectors. By means(More)
—In this paper, a low complexity adaptive step-size filtered gradient-based scheme for per-tone equalisation is investigated for discrete multitone systems. A variant of the filtered gradient adaptive algorithms has been presented in literature for the normalised version of the orthogonal gradient adaptive algorithm which employs the mixed-tone(More)
A blind adaptive step-size time-domain receiver for multi-carrier code-division multiple access (MC-CDMA) systems is presented. Adjustment rules for the receiver tap-weight as well as its step-size are based upon the stochastic approximation of the constant modulus (CM) criterion. The ability of the proposed receiver to detect the desired user in multipath(More)