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The antimicrobial activity and probiotic properties of Bacillus subtilis strain KKU213, isolated from local soil, were investigated. The cell-free supernatant (CFS) of a KKU213 culture containing crude bacteriocins exhibited inhibitory effects on Gram-positive bacteria, including Bacillus cereus, Listeria monocytogenes, Micrococcus luteus, and(More)
BACKGROUND Oxidative stress, an excess of reactive oxygen species (ROS), causes lipid peroxidation resulting in cell and tissue damages. It may be associated with the development and progression of cancers in dogs. Malondialdehyde (MDA), the end product of lipid peroxidation, is commonly used as a marker of oxidative stress. The objective of this study was(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate temporal changes in bone mineral density associated with seasonal variation in serum vitamin D, calcium, and phosphorus concentrations in alpacas. ANIMALS 5 healthy mature neutered male alpacas. PROCEDURE Metacarpal bone mineral density was measured at 4 times during a year. Each time alpacas were weighed, blood was collected for(More)
The osteochondral healing potential of hyaluronic acid (HA) plus diacerein was evaluated in subchondral-drilling- (SCD-) induced fibrocartilage generation in rabbits. A full-thickness chondral defect was created along the patellar groove of both knees and then SCD was subsequently performed only in the left knee. A week later, the rabbits were allocated(More)
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