Peer Mohamed

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A study was conducted to determine if pyrrolizidine alkaloids from Senecio jacobaea (tansy ragwort) are passed into milk of lactating cows. Four cows were given dried tansy ragwort via rumen cannula at a dosage of 10 g/kg/day for 2 weeks. Chemical assay of pyrrolizidine alkaloid content in the dried plants averaged 0.16% by weight. By use of thin-layer(More)
The underlying biological mechanisms of the frequent exacerbator phenotype of COPD remain unclear. We compared systemic neutrophil function in COPD patients with or without frequent exacerbations. Whole blood from COPD frequent exacerbators (defined as ≥2 moderate–severe exacerbations in the previous 2 years) and non-exacerbators (no exacerbations in the(More)
The mechanism of twist insertion to the strand during ring spinning has been studied. The twisting of the strand occurs not only due to the rotation of twisting elements, but also due to the winding of yarn on the package. When the yarn is wound on a stationary cop by gripping and winding the yarn by hand, for every coil of yarn wind one turn of twist to(More)
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