Pedro Weslley Souza do Rosário

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RATIONALE Since ovarian function is only temporarily compromised by radioiodine therapy, many women with thyroid cancer treated with radioiodine can become pregnant. The present study evaluated the evolution of these pregnancies and the consequences for the offspring. PATIENTS AND METHODS We retrospectively analyzed 78 pregnancies of 66 women submitted to(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the sensitivity of thyroglobulin (Tg), iodine scanning, and sonography in the diagnosis of cervical recurrence of thyroid cancer. METHODS This prospective study assessed 81 patients with cervical metastases or extrathyroid invasion at first appearance who underwent clinical examination, scanning, measurement of Tg after thyroxine(More)
This study evaluated the follow-up of high-risk patients with thyroid cancer after initial therapy. A total of 125 high-risk patients (tumor >4 cm and/or extrathyroid invasion and/or lymph node metastases, and age >45 years), with complete resection of the tumor, were selected. All patients underwent total thyroidectomy and ablation with (131)I[3.7-5.5 GBq(More)
Materials and methods 31 patients with type 2 diabetes were selected irrespective of gender, aged 40 to 75 yrs. and the mean duration of disease was 10 yrs. Patients were randomly separated into two groups, individual (group 1) or collective care (group 2). All patients attended a total of six meetings. First meeting was individual and consisted of signing(More)
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