Pedro Vasconcellos Eisenlohr

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The tree species composition of seasonally dry tropical forests (SDTF) in north-eastern and central Brazil is analyzed to address the following hypotheses: (1) variations in species composition are(More)
The loss in forest area due to human occupancy is not the only threat to the remaining biodiversity: forest fragments are susceptible to additional human impact. Our aim was to investigate the effect(More)
The Cerrado stands out from other savannas of the world for hosting the highest biodiversity and for its ongoing massive destruction. Savannas on plain relief and with deep soils (DS) in Central(More)
Altitude is one of the major environmental variables influencing the distribution of tree taxa around the world, and can be a useful parameter for the development of conservation strategies. Our(More)
The use of well-sampled regions and insightful environmental gradients can provide important theoretical knowledge for understanding the drivers of tropical forest patterns and processes, which are(More)