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The spatial distribution of endemic bovine tuberculosis (TB) in Argentine cattle herds was described using recorded information on the detection of TB-like lesions in cattle slaughtered between March 1995 and 1997 at 126 slaughterhouses with federal inspection. Approximately, 47% (9472396 cattle) of the estimated total number of cattle slaughtered in(More)
Image filtering involves taking a digital image and producing a new image from it. In software packages such as Adobe's Photoshop, image filters are used to produce artistic versions of original images. Such software usually includes hundreds of different image filtering algorithms, each with many fine-tuneable parameters. While this freedom of exploration(More)
  • Juán J. Garćıa-Ripoll, V́ıctor M. Pérez-Garćıa, Pedro Torres
  • 1999
We study an example of exact parametric resonance in a extended system ruled by nonlinear partial differential equations of nonlinear Schrödinger type. It is also conjectured how related models not exactly solvable should behave in the same way. The results have applicability in recent experiments in Bose-Einstein condensation and to classical problems in(More)
The HR system forms scientific theories, and has found particularly successful application in domains of pure mathematics. Starting with only the axioms of an algebraic system, HR can generate dozens of example algebras, hundreds of concepts and thousands of conjectures, many of which have first order proofs. Given the overwhelming amount of knowledge(More)
We introduce a formal setting for a first-order production rule approach to descriptive learning and we consider searching for sets of production rules as opposed to a direct search for concepts. We sketch the Parrot algorithm which generates a basic set of production rules capable of producing a set of user-given concepts and present some preliminary ideas(More)
The Interaction Ontology is a software component that receives a stream of low-level information from audiovisual analysis in group-to-group videoconferencing situations and detects higher-level events on the real-time stream. Based on this higher-level information, the Orchestrator acts as a virtual director that decides which video streams are displayed(More)
We report on the development of a video communication medium through which groups of people situated in different physical locations can naturally talk to each other, see and hear each other, and engage in social entertaining activities. Participants are free to move within their space and behave in a manner closer to collocated experiences. Essentially,(More)