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Improving Malware Detection Accuracy by Extracting Icon Information
We propose a new machine learning approach to extract information from icons. Expand
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Design of copper DNA intercalators with leishmanicidal activity
The complexes [Cu(dppz)(NO3)]NO3 (1), [Cu(dppz)2(NO3)]NO3 (2), [Cu(dpq)(NO3)]NO3 (3), and [Cu(dpq)2(NO3)]NO3 (4) were synthesized and characterized by elemental analysis, FAB-mass spectrometry, EPR,Expand
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The impact of stapling technique and surgeon specialism on anastomotic failure after right‐sided colorectal resection: an international multicentre, prospective audit
There is little evidence to support choice of technique and configuration for stapled anastomoses after right hemicolectomy and ileocaecal resection. This study aimed to determine the relationshipExpand
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Identification of magnetic minerals related to hydrocarbon authigenesis in venezuelan oil fields using an alternative decomposition of isothermal remanence curves
In this work we try to better characterise the shallow magnetic signature of hydrocarbon microseepage in oil fields from eastern and western Venezuela. To get a better insight of the processesExpand
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High performance cork-templated ceria for solar thermochemical hydrogen production via two-step water-splitting cycles
Water splitting by solar energy-driven two-step thermochemical cycles is a promising approach for large-scale production of renewable fuels (e.g. hydrogen). The key challenge is developing materialsExpand
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Glassy carbon microelectrodes minimize induced voltages, mechanical vibrations, and artifacts in magnetic resonance imaging
The recent introduction of glassy carbon (GC) microstructures supported on flexible polymeric substrates has motivated the adoption of GC in a variety of implantable and wearable devices. NeuralExpand
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Shaping Tactical Behaviours in Football: An Ecological Dynamics Approach.
XXI Chapter 1 – General Introduction 1 1.1 Defining tactical behaviours 3 1.2 Shaping tactical behaviours: Preview of the problem 4 1.3 An ecological dynamics account of tactical behaviour 6 1.3.1Expand
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Pulmonary infections and sepsis
printing supported by . Visit Chiesi at Stand D.30 TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 27TH 2011 h after LPS. Bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL) of the animals surviving HA or NS infusion 4 h after LPS showed that totalExpand