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3Marc-André Elsliger
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Severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) coronavirus infection and growth are dependent on initiating signaling and enzyme actions upon viral entry into the host cell. Proteins packaged during virus assembly may subsequently form the first line of attack and host manipulation upon infection. A complete characterization of virion components is therefore(More)
Santiago Ramón y Cajal discovered a new type of cell related to the myenteric plexus and also to the smooth muscle cells of the circular muscle layer of the intestine. Based on their morphology, relationships and staining characteristics, he considered these cells as primitive neurons. One century later, despite major improvements in cell biology, the(More)
This study was aimed at examining spatial learning and memory in nonoperated temporal lobe epilepsy (TLE). Twenty-five patients with a refractory epileptic focus located in the temporal lobe (10 in the right hemisphere and 15 in the left hemisphere) and 25 healthy age-matched controls performed the "Boxes Room," a virtual reality version of the holeboard.(More)
In this paper a new wireless decision-support system for haemodialysis patients using heart rate variability (HRV) is presented. The telemedicine system provides connectivity to three participant sites: the general practitioner or nurse at the point of care in the dialysis unit, the remote information and processing server and the cardiologist. At the(More)
This paper analyzes the Shot-Noise Jump-Diffusion model of Altmann, Schmidt and Stute (2008), which introduces a new situation where the effects of the arrival of rare, shocking information to the financial markets may fade away in the long run. We analyze several economic implications of the model, providing an analytical expression for the process(More)
The NMR structures of the TM1112 and TM1367 proteins from Thermotoga maritima in solution at 298 K were determined following a new protocol which uses the software package UNIO for extensive automation. The results obtained with this novel procedure were evaluated by comparison with the crystal structures solved by the JCSG at 100 K to 1.83 and 1.90 Å(More)
The JCSG has recently developed a protocol for systematic comparisons of high-quality crystal and NMR structures of proteins. In this paper, the extent to which this approach can provide function-related information on the two functionally annotated proteins TM1081, a Thermotoga maritima anti-σ factor antagonist, and A2LD1 (gi:13879369), a mouse(More)
BACKGROUND Having reviewed the studies on the biphalangeal fifth toe, we have observed a great disparity of data depending on the research center. We have investigated the frequency of biphalangeal toes and also its handedness. We have also analyzed the relationship of pathological deviations of fifth toe with this feature and with the fifth metatarsal. (More)
Temporal lobe epilepsy is often resistant to medical management. Patients experience seizures for years until they receive surgical interventions. During that time, they can exhibit an altered cognition that can be assessed using virtual reality-based neuropsychological tasks. In this study, we coupled a recognition task with a spatial learning task to(More)
BACKGROUND Ingrown nails are a very common problem. There are different stages of disease and diverse therapeutic options. Phenol and sodium hydroxide are commonly used agents for chemical matricectomy but both frequently entail excessive healing times. OBJECTIVE This prospective study aimed mainly to evaluate the efficacy of partial nail avulsion and(More)