Pedro Sánchez-Palma

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1. Teleoperated robots are used to perform tasks that human operators cannot carry out because of the nature of the tasks themselves or the hostile nature of the working environment. Though many control architectures have been defined for developing these kinds of systems reusing common components, none has attained all its objectives because of the high(More)
This article relates our experiences over the last 15 years in the development of robotic applications within the field of service robotics, using the techniques proposed by software engineering. The process began with domain engineering and reference architectures, moved on to component-oriented development, and currently centered on model-driven design.(More)
Nowadays, the marketplace offers quite powerful and low cost re-configurable hardware devices and a wide range of software tools which find application in the image processing field. However, most of the image processing application designs and their latter deployment on specific hardware devices is still carried out quite costly by hand. This paper(More)
A previous study claims that <i>i</i>* can be used to specify Teleo-Reactive systems requirements. However, that study also reveals that it shows some weaknesses. In this paper we identify those limitations and present TRiStar, an <i>i</i>* extension for specifying Teleo-Reactive systems requirements that overcomes them.