Pedro Sánchez García

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The finding of immunoreactive insulin (IRI) in saliva and an insulin-like protein, similar to pancreatic insulin and with the same biological activities, suggest that both products are pancreatic insulin stored and/or eliminated in the salival manner or an extrapancreatic hormone synthesis, bearing in mind the features which both glands share. The aim of(More)
The potential interaction between zaleplon and ibuprofen was studied. Healthy adult volunteers were given a dose of zaleplon 10 mg alone, a dose of ibuprofen 600 mg alone, or a dose of zaleplon 10 mg and a dose of ibuprofen 600 mg concomitantly in an open-label, randomized, three-period crossover study. There was a seven-day washout period between(More)
The pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of digoxin alone and digoxin plus zaleplon were studied. Healthy, nonsmoking men between 18 and 45 years of age were given a single oral dose of digoxin 0.375 mg daily on days 1 through 9. On days 10 through 14, the subjects received digoxin 0.375 mg plus oral zaleplon 10 mg daily. Blood samples were obtained on(More)