Pedro Resende

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The approach to process semantics using quantales and modules is topologized by considering tropological systems whose sets of states are replaced by locales and which satisfy a suitable stability axiom. A corresponding notion of localic sup-lattice (algebra for the lower powerlocale monad) is described, and it is shown that there are contravariant functors(More)
We study properties of the quantale spectrum Max A of an arbitrary unital C*-algebra A. In particular we show that the spatializa-tion of Max A with respect to one of the notions of spatiality in the literature yields the locale of closed ideals of A when A is commuta-tive. We study under general conditions functors with this property, in addition requiring(More)
We propose a process algebra, the Algebra of Behavioural Types. A type is a higher-order labelled transition system that characterises all possible life cycles of a concurrent object. States represent interfaces of objects; state transitions model the dynamic change of object interfaces. Moreover, a type provides an internal view of the objects that inhabit(More)
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