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EEG involves the recording, analysis, and interpretation of voltages recorded on the human scalp which originate from brain gray matter. EEG is one of the most popular methods of studying and understanding the processes that underlie behavior. This is so, because EEG is relatively cheap, easy to wear, light weight and has high temporal resolution. In terms(More)
Deduplication is widely accepted as an effective technique for eliminating duplicated data in backup and archival systems. Nowadays, deduplication is also becoming appealing in cloud computing, where large-scale virtualized storage infrastructures hold huge data volumes with a significant share of duplicated content. There have thus been several proposals(More)
The management of municipal solid waste is a complex problem for most developed countries. At present, only a few small cities have implemented procedures for collecting garbage in an innovative way. Thus, it is urgent to implement measures that initiate sustainable behavior, with the active participation of citizens, ensuring the conservation of resources(More)
Deduplication has proven to be a valuable technique for eliminating duplicate data in backup and archival systems and is now being applied to new storage environments with distinct requirements and performance trade-offs. Namely, deduplication system are now targeting large-scale cloud computing storage infrastructures holding unprecedented data volumes(More)
Electroencephalography (EEG) is often used in source analysis studies, in which the locations of cortex regions responsible for a signal are determined. For this to be possible, accurate positions of the electrodes at the scalp surface must be determined, otherwise errors in the source estimation will occur. Today, several methods for acquiring these(More)
Analysis of electroencephalography (EEG) recorded during movement is often aggravated or even completely hindered by electromyogenic artifacts. This is caused by the overlapping frequencies of brain and myogenic activity and the higher amplitude of the myogenic signals. One commonly employed computational technique to reduce these types of artifacts is(More)
The scarcity of water resources, associated with the growing need for water, is one of the most critical problems of humanity. At the same time, irregular rainfall, coupled with the occurrence of high temperatures, are strong obstacles to the preservation and growth of plants, causing high rates of water deficiency. Recently, several systems of soil(More)