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Security issues in cloud environments: a survey
In the last few years, the appealing features of cloud computing have been fueling the integration of cloud environments in the industry, which has been consequently motivating the research on related technologies by both the industry and the academia. Expand
CloudSim Plus: A cloud computing simulation framework pursuing software engineering principles for improved modularity, extensibility and correctness
We present CloudSim Plus, an open source simulation framework that pursues conformance to software engineering principles and object-oriented design in order to provide an extensible, modular and accurate tool. Expand
Secure user authentication in cloud computing management interfaces
The degradation of the security of password-based mechanisms, combined with the increasing number of perils on the Internet, is rendering one-factor authentication outdated. Expand
Approaches for optimizing virtual machine placement and migration in cloud environments: A survey
Abstract Cloud computing is a model for providing computing resources as a utility which faces several challenges on management of virtualized resources. Accordingly, virtual machine placement andExpand
Detection and classification of peer-to-peer traffic: A survey
The emergence of new Internet paradigms has changed the common properties of network data, increasing the bandwidth consumption and balancing traffic in both directions. Expand
Cloud Security: State of the Art
Throughout the end of the first half and during the second half of the past century, advances in technology allowed scientists to develop computer systems. Expand
Applications of artificial immune systems to computer security: A survey
This article introduces the principles of artificial immune systems and surveys several works applying such systems to computer security problems. Expand
The European Comparison of Absolute Gravimeters 2011 (ECAG-2011) in Walferdange, Luxembourg: results and recommendations
We present the results of the third European Comparison of Absolute Gravimeters held in Walferdange, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, in November 2011. Twenty-two gravimeters from both metrological andExpand
A Quick Perspective on the Current State in Cybersecurity
Nowadays, cybersecurity makes headlines across the media and in companies, blogs, social networks, among other places. The Internet is a wild cyberspace, an arena for commercialization, consumerism,Expand
The Nature of Peer-to-Peer Traffic
The massive adoption of Peer-to-Peer (P2P) applications brings new challenges for network management. The increase of the bandwidth usage, the shift of the Internet habits of home users and theExpand