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Metamodels have been used frequently by the simulation community. However, not much research has been done with nonparametric metamodels compared with parametric metamodels. In this paper, smoothing splines for performing nonparametric metamodeling are presented. The use of smoothing splines on metamodeling fitting may provide functions that better(More)
Metamodels are functions with calibrated parameters, used as abstractions and simplifications of the simulation model. A metamodel exposes the system's input-output relationship and can be used as an analysis tool for solving optimization problems or as a surrogate for building blocks in larger scale simulations. Our approach is to analyze statistically the(More)
to mjp, for raising up things that are forever. Acknowledgments I would like to express my sincere gratitude to my advisor, Yves Smeers, for his constant guidance and encouragement. He contributed decisively for the achievement of this work, with his helpful comments, suggestions, and precious time. I am grateful to all the other members of the Jury,hand(More)
Measles virus is a highly contagious agent which causes a major health problem in developing countries. The viral genomic RNA is single-stranded, nonsegmented and of negative polarity. Many live attenuated vaccines for measles virus have been developed using either the prototype Edmonston strain or other locally isolated measles strains. Despite the diverse(More)
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