Pedro Pereira-Almao

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Ultradispersed catalysts significantly enhance rates of reaction and mass transfer by virtue of their extended and easy accessible surface. These attractive features were exploited in this study to effectively capture H(2)S((g)) from an oil phase by ultradispersed sorbents. Sorption of H(2)S((g)) from oil phases finds application for scavenging H(2)S((g))(More)
This study investigates the effect of surface acidity and basicity of aluminas on asphaltene adsorption followed by air oxidation. Equilibrium batch adsorption experiments were conducted at 25°C with solutions of asphaltenes in toluene at concentrations ranging from 100 to 3000 g/L using three conventional alumina adsorbents with different surface acidity.(More)
Deposition of dispersed and ultradispersed solid particles in cylindrical channels has received considerable attention due to its practical significance and direct application in industry. However, an adequate mathematical expression that studies the separation and suspension of dispersed and ultradispersed particles present in a horizontal cylindrical(More)
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