Pedro Pascual

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This note investigates the sources of international differences in the levels of per capita health-care expenditure, using data on the OECD countries between 1975 and 2003. To that end, we use Theil's second measure of inequality for decomposing cross-country disparities in per capita health-care expenditure into the contributions of various factors:(More)
A UL(3) ⊗ UR(3) low-energy effective lagrangian for the nonet of pseudogoldstone bosons that appear in the large Nc limit of QCD is presented including terms up to four derivatives and explicit symmetry breaking terms up to quadratic in the quark masses. The one-loop renormalization of the couplings is worked out using the heat-kernel technique and(More)
Models of neurons based on iterative maps allows the simulation of big networks of coupled neurons without loss of biophysical properties such as spiking, bursting or tonic bursting and with an affordable computational effort. These models are built over a phenomenological basis and are mainly implemented by the use of iterative two-dimensional maps that(More)
Tomographic transforms [1] refers to a new kind of linear transforms that use a different approach than traditional transforms such as the Cohen’s Class or the Wigner distribution to obtain a representation of a signal in the time-frequency plane. The idea of tomography is to decompose the signal by using the eigenfunctions of linear combinations of(More)
Let Mg,l be the moduli space of stable algebraic curves of genus g with l marked points. With the operations which relate the different moduli spaces identifying marked points, the family (Mg,l)g,l is a modular operad of projective smooth Deligne-Mumford stacks, M. In this paper we prove that the modular operad of singular chains C∗(M;Q) is formal; so it is(More)
The decay of ortho-positronium into three photons produces a physical realization of a pure state with three-party entanglement. Its quantum correlations are analyzed using recent results on quantum information theory, looking for the final state which has the maximal amount of GHZlike correlations. This state allows for a statistical dismissal of local(More)
This paper examines the evolution of territorial imbalances in productivity in 39 Central and Eastern Europe regions between 1992 and 2001. The results obtained show an overall reduction in regional inequality over the study period. This process was compatible with the simultaneous presence of between-country convergence and within-country divergence. In(More)