Pedro Palma Ramos

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The Python programming language is becoming increasingly popular in a variety of areas, most notably among novice programmers. On the other hand, Racket and other Scheme dialects are considered excellent vehicles for introducing Computer Science concepts. This paper presents an implementation of Python for Racket and the DrRacket IDE. This allows Python(More)
One of the most important issues nowadays is to prepare our children to create a better world in the future. This is an education issue that starts in the very beginning of their lives. How can day care centres and pre-schools contribute for this goal? Our children spend most of their first years in these institutions, and parents trust the teachers and(More)
Racket is a descendant of Scheme, a language that has been widely used to teach computer science. Recently, the Python language has taken over this role, mainly due to its huge standard library and the great number of third-party libraries available. Given that the development of equivalent libraries for Racket is an enormous task that cannot be currently(More)
3 social aspects of family planning are discussed: cultural heritage, relations between pathology and parity and the problem of unwanted children. The family as an institution enabled mankind to face successfully the adverse conditions to which it was subjected for thousand of years. Now the role of the family is changing, but this raises the problem of(More)