Pedro Monteiro da Silva Eleuterio

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With the recent amendment in Brazilian law, where possession of files containing child pornography is now considered a crime, the need to detect this type of content at crime scenes increased. This paper presents the NuDetective Forensic Tool, which was developed in order to assist forensic examiners to conduct such analysis in a timely manner at the crime(More)
The identification of child pornographic files at crime scenes can take a pedophile to jail immediately. However, this type of live analysis is a difficult task, since a computer storage device can actually store millions of files. NuDetective Forensic Tool was developed for this purpose and provides satisfactory results in the identification of these(More)
Mining massive amounts of transcript data for alternative splicing information is paramount to help understand how the maturation of RNA regulates gene expression. We developed an algorithm to cluster transcript data to annotated genes to detect unannotated splice variants. A higher number of alternatively spliced genes and isoforms were found compared to(More)
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