Pedro Miguel Esposito

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Wireless mesh networks (WMNs) are low-cost access networks built on cooperative routing over a backbone composed of stationary wireless routers. WMNs must deal with the highly unstable wireless medium. Thus, routing metrics and protocols are evolving by designing algorithms that consider link quality to choose the best routes. In this work, we analyze the(More)
  • Aurelio Amodei Junior, Igor M Moraes, Daniel De, O Cunha, Miguel Elias, M Campista +7 others
  • 2005
Resumo— Com o advento da transmissão digital terrestre, a TV pode atuar como um veículo de inclusão digital de custo redu-zido. Este artigo analisa a adoção de um Canal de Interatividade Ad Hoc para a provisão de interatividade aos usuários de TV digital. O canal proposto utiliza o padrão IEEE 802.11 em modo ad hoc e atendè as características geográficas e(More)
This work analyzes the capacity of the ad hoc return channel using the wireless IEEE 802.11 technology in different Brazilian geographical scenarios. We conclude that when the number of transmitting nodes increases, the aggre-gated throughput can achieve 3.5 Mbps before saturation. These results prove that the ad hoc network is a viable solution for the(More)
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