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Most of the work in machine learning assume that examples are generated at random according to some stationary probability distribution. In this work we study the problem of learning when the class-probability distribution that generate the examples changes over time. We present a method for detection of changes in the probability distribution of examples.(More)
In this paper we study the problem of constructing accurate decision tree models from data streams. Data streams are incremental tasks that require incremental, online, and any-time learning algorithms. One of the most successful algorithms for mining data streams is VFDT. In this paper we extend the VFDT system in two directions: the ability to deal with(More)
This paper presents a system for induction of forest of functional trees from data streams able to detect concept drift. The Ultra Fast Forest of Trees (UFFT) is an incremental algorithm, that works online, processing each example in constant time, and performing a single scan over the training examples. It uses analytical techniques to choose the splitting(More)
This paper presents an hybrid adaptive system for induction of forest of trees from data streams. The Ultra Fast Forest Tree system (UFFT) is an incremental algorithm, with constant time for processing each example, works online, and uses the Hoeffding bound to decide when to install a splitting test in a leaf leading to a decision node. Our system has been(More)
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