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INTRODUCTION The thalamus is one of the strategic diencephalic structures of the human brain. The artery of Percheron, an asymmetrical common trunk arising from a P1 segment of the posterior cerebral artery, is a peculiar presentation of the three variants involved in the irrigation of the paramedian thalamic territory. Occlusion of this artery results in(More)
Wireless transmissions are increasingly growing their data rates, and equipment is required to be faster and more flexible in order to cope with various digital modulation schemes used to reach these rates. A very widespread solution is the Software Defined Radio (SDR), whose modulation / demodulation methodology consists in programming either software in a(More)
In this work, a low-cost attitude navigation system for spacecrafts is presented. The system fuses measurements from a three axis MEMS gyroscope and a CCD camera that identifies a known pattern of points (which emulate the stars). The system has been implemented on an ARM Cortex-A8 processor, running a GNU/Linux operating system. The developed attitude(More)
Embedded systems are computing devices designed to perform specific tasks as part of larger systems such as digital cameras, measuring instruments, cars, etc. Technological advances have added complexity to embedded-systems development, which needs to be reflected in academic curricula. This paper presents the design and delivery of an intermediate(More)
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