Pedro Manuel Garamendi

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We present a review of a population of 114 immigrant Moroccan males for which an age estimation was requested. The subjects' real chronological age was confirmed by the Moroccan Embassy in Spain. The confirmed age range was between 13 and 25, with an average age of 18.1 years and a standard deviation of 2.03. The following tests were performed to arrive at(More)
1.1 FAE a need in nowadays everyday forensic practice Forensic Age Estimation (FAE) defines an expertise in forensic medicine which aims to define in the most accurate way the chronological age of person of an unknown age involved in judicial or legal proceedings. The term “estimation” defines more precisely than other as “diagnosis” the real limits(More)
In recent years, there has been a renewed interest in forensic sciences about forensic age estimation in living subjects by means of radiological methods. This research was conducted on digital thorax X-rays to test the usefulness of some radiological changes in the clavicle and first rib. The sample consisted in a total of 123 subjects of Spanish origin(More)
Estimation of age in individuals has received considerable attention in the forensic literature. The reduction of size of dental pulp cavity as a result of secondary dentin deposit with increasing age could be used as an indicator of age. This regression change, apart from morphological techniques, can also be analysed by radiological techniques. In 1995,(More)
AIMS To study the epidemiological, clinical, and pathological characteristics of sudden unexpected non-violent deaths between 1 and 19 years. METHODS Population based observational study of all sudden unexpected non-violent deaths between 1 and 19 years, from 1990 to 1997, in a north Spain county (Bizkaia). In each case, clinical information and(More)
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