Pedro M. Teixeira

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The increasingly aging population will pose a severe burden to the health services. Falls are a major health risk that diminishes the quality of life among the elderly people and increases the health services cost. Reliable fall detection and notification is essential to improve the post-fall medical outcome which is largely dependent upon the response and(More)
Laparoscopy is a surgical procedure on which operations in the abdomen are performed through small incisions using several specialized instruments. The laparoscopic surgery success greatly depends on surgeon skills and training. To achieve these technical high-standards, different apprenticeship methods have been developed, many based on in vivo training,(More)
The job of health professionals, including nurses, is considered inherently stressful, and thus, it is important to improve and develop specific measures that are sensitive to the demands that health professionals face. This study analysed the psychometric properties of three instruments that focus on the professional experiences of nurses in aspects(More)
This paper presents Palco, a prototype system specifically designed for the production of 3D cartoon animations. The system addresses the specific problems of producing cartoon animations, where the main objective is not to reproduce realistic movements, but rather animate cartoon characters with predefined and characteristic body movements and facial(More)
In this paper, we focus on how incorporating user behaviour data on a web search engine can significantly improve the ranking accuracy of top results in real web search engine. A large click log dataset and a set of query-url relevance flags previously labelled by juries was used to train and evaluate a classifier, as well as to build a re-ranking(More)
Meaning in life or lack of it is frequently associated to the psychological adjustment to disease. This study aims at contributing to the clarification of the concept and developing a meaning in life scale which may be applied either in a clinical population or in the general population as well as presenting its psychometric evaluation. Four samples were(More)
This paper considers the relationship between self-regulation strategies and youth civic and political experiences, assuming that out-of-school learning can foster metacognition. The study is based on a sample of 732 Portuguese students from grades 8 and 11. Results show that the quality of civic and political participation experiences, together with(More)
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