Pedro Luiz Squilacci Leme

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BACKGROUND Pressure increase in the portal venous system, caused by reduction of blood supply to the liver, develops collateral circulation of splanchnic vessel that reaches the venous system of(More)
BACKGROUND The calculation of the volume ratio between the hernia sac and the abdominal cavity of incisional hernias is based on tomographic sections as well as the mathematical formula of the volume(More)
BACKGROUND Adhesions induced by biomaterials experimentally implanted in the abdominal cavity are basically studied by primary repair of different abdominal wall defects or by the correction of(More)
BACKGROUND The negative result of a research does not always indicate failure, and when the data do not permit a proper conclusion, or are contrary to the initial project, should not simply be(More)
BACKGROUND Ultrasound, computed tomography, and magnetic resonance imaging of abdominal wall has increasingly been used for hernia diagnosis when clinical examination is uncertain. Anatomical study(More)
The objective of this study is to disclose an experimental model of low cost, which complies with the regulatory norms of animal experiments by using dead animals from other experiments, contributing(More)
OBJECTIVE To experimentally compare two classic techniques described for manual suture of the bronchial stump. METHODS We used organs of pigs, with isolated trachea and lungs, preserved by(More)