Pedro Luiz Squilacci LEME

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BACKGROUND The calculation of the volume ratio between the hernia sac and the abdominal cavity of incisional hernias is based on tomographic sections as well as the mathematical formula of the volume of the ellipsoid, which allows determining whether this is a giant hernia or there is a "loss of domain". As the images used are not exact geometric figures,(More)
BACKGROUND The negative result of a research does not always indicate failure, and when the data do not permit a proper conclusion, or are contrary to the initial project, should not simply be discarded and archived. AIM To report failure after performing experimental model of liver ischemia and reperfusion normothermic, continuous or intermittent, in(More)
BACKGROUND Partial portal vein ligation causes an increase in portal pressure that remains stable even after the appearance of collateral circulation, with functional adaptation to prolonged decrease in portal blood flow. AIM To assess whether different constriction rates produced by partial ligation of the vein interfere with the results of this(More)
BACKGROUND Adhesions induced by biomaterials experimentally implanted in the abdominal cavity are basically studied by primary repair of different abdominal wall defects or by the correction of incisional hernias previously performed with no precise definition of the most appropriate model. AIM To describe the adhesions which occur after the development(More)
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