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Despite their involvement in the regulation of gene expression and their importance as genomic markers for promoter prediction, no objective standard exists for defining CpG islands (CGIs), since all current approaches rely on a large parameter space formed by the thresholds of length, CpG fraction and G+C content. Given the higher frequency of CpG(More)
In this paper, a median based filter called relaxed median filter is proposed. The filter is obtained by relaxing the order statistic for pixel substitution. Noise attenuation properties as well as edge and line preservation are analyzed statistically. The trade-off between noise elimination and detail preservation is widely analyzed. It is shown that(More)
Unmethylated stretches of CpG dinucleotides (CpG islands) are an outstanding property of mammal genomes. Conventionally, these regions are detected by sliding window approaches using %G + C, CpG observed/expected ratio and length thresholds as main parameters. Recently, clustering methods directly detect clusters of CpG dinucleotides as a statistical(More)
Context. MGRO J2019+37 is an unidentified extended source of very high energy gamma-rays originally reported by the Milagro Collaboration as the brightest TeV source in the Cygnus region. Its extended emission could be powered by either a single or several sources. The GeV pulsar AGL J2020.5+3653, discovered by AGILE and associated with PSR J2021+3651,(More)
A new measure of quality is proposed for evaluating the performance of available methods of image segmentation and edge detection. The technique is intended for the evaluation of low error results and features an objective assessment of discrepancy with respect to the theoretical edge, in tandem with subjective visual evaluation using both the neighbourhood(More)
We report on an entropic edge detector based on the local calculation of the Jensen-Shannon divergence with application to the search for CpG islands. CpG islands are pieces of the genome related to gene expression and cell differentiation, and thus to cancer formation. Searching for these CpG islands is a major task in genetics and bioinformatics. Some(More)
To remove impulsive noise, several variants of median-type filters are presented. They use some prior information provided by the probabilistic composition model of the class of the image being processed. This information is doubly applied; first, in elaborating a noise-estimation mask for the preselection of the pixels which must be filtered; and second,(More)
Aims. We aim here to contribute to the identification of unassociated bright sources of gamma-rays in the recently released catalogue obtained by the Fermi collaboration. Methods. Our work is based on a extensive cross-identification of sources from different wavelength catalogues and databases. Results. As a first result, we report the finding of a few(More)