Pedro Luís Gobbato

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The purpose of this study is to report a rare case of primary meningeal high grade Burkitt-type lymphoma presenting as the first clinical manifestation of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. A 38-year-old Caucasian man, with a negative past medical history, sought treatment after experiencing global headache for five days. CT-Scan revealed a right(More)
Intracranial "kissing" carotid arteries are a rare variant of the carotid arteries, where both internal carotid arteries deviate medially and touch each other near the midline within the sphenoid sinus or the sphenoid bone, including the sella. This anomaly is particularly important since it may cause or mimic pituitary disease and also may complicate(More)
OBJECTIVE A new ventriculostomy technique through the lamina terminalis is described. This technique is applied mainly during aneurysm surgery at the acute stage. METHOD Thirteen patients were operated on intracranial aneurysms and, during the procedure, had the lamina terminalis fenestrated. A ventricular catheter was inserted into the third ventricule,(More)
To evaluate the transfer of the spinal accessory nerve to the suprascapular nerve through the anterior or posterior approach in patients with late traumatic brachial plexus injuries. This study includes patients with late brachial plexus injuries that underwent a spinal accessory-to-suprascapular nerve transfer. They were divided into two equal groups, A(More)
Objective To analyze the cumulative effect of risk factors associated with early major complications in postoperative spine surgery. Methods Retrospective analysis of 583 surgically-treated patients. Early "major" complications were defined as those that may lead to permanent detrimental effects or require further significant intervention. A balanced risk(More)
Adipose lesions rarely affect the peripheral nerves. This can occur in two different ways: Direct compression by an extraneural lipoma, or by a lipoma originated from the adipose cells located inside the nerve. Since its first description, many terms have been used in the literature to mention intraneural lipomatous lesions. In this article, the authors(More)
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