Pedro Linares

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This paper tries to contribute to the well-known and lengthy discussion on whether we should allow decision makers to be inconsistent, or, to put it in another way, if intransitive decisions better represent their preferences. We will focus specifically on the multiple-criteria decision making problem, since it is one of the most usual stances where this(More)
Demand Response (DR) programs send time-based signals to electricity consumers so that they may shift or reduce their loads to better adjust to the system requirements, thus creating interesting benefits for power systems. However, the assessment of these benefits is quite challenging, since it requires combining features from bottom-up and computable(More)
— This paper presents a generation expansion model for the power sector which incorporates several features that make it very interesting for application to current electricity markets: it considers the possible oligopolistic behavior of firms, and incorporates relevant policy instruments, carbon emissions trading and tradable green certificates. It(More)
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