Pedro Latorre Carmona

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The non-negativity of color signals implies that they span a conical space with a hyperbolic geometry. We use perspective projections to separate intensity from chromatic-ity, and for 3-D color descriptors the chromatic properties are represented by points on the unit disk. Descriptors derived from the same object point but under different imaging(More)
A strong positive correlation between vegetation canopy bidirec-tional reflectance factor (BRF) in the near infrared (NIR) spectral region and foliar mass-based nitrogen concentration (%N) has been reported in some temperate and boreal forests. This relationship , if true, would indicate an additional role for nitrogen in the climate system via its(More)
We apply a general form of affine transformation model to compensate illumination variations in a series of multispectral images of a static scene and compare it to a particular affine and a diagonal transformation models. These models operate in the original multispectral space or in a lower-dimensional space obtained by Singular Value Decomposition (SVD)(More)
This paper presents a supervised feature selection method applied to regression problems. The selection method uses a Dissimilarity matrix originally developed for classification problems, whose applicability is extended here to regression and built using the conditional mutual information between features with respect to a continuous relevant variable that(More)
(a) , and Crystal B. Schaaf (c) (a) ABSTRACT A problem when working with optical satellite or airborne images is the need to compensate for changes in the illumination conditions at the time of acquisition. This is particularly critical when working with time series of data. Atmospheric correction strategies based on radiative transfer codes may provide a(More)
The early analysis of pigmented skin lesions is important for clinicians in order to recognize malignant melanoma. However, it is difficult to differentiate it from benign skin lesions due to their similarity based on their appearance. Since melanoma has a tendency to grow inside the skin and the depth of penetration of light into the skin is wavelength(More)
The octahedral group is one of the finite subgroups of the rotation group in 3-D Euclidean space and a symmetry group of the cubic grid. Compression and filtering of 3-D volumes are given as application examples of its representation theory. We give an overview over the finite subgroups of the 3-D rotation group and their classification. We summarize(More)