Pedro L. Gonzalez-R

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The advantages of the TOC (Theory of Constraints) philosophy have been extensively documented in the literature since its introduction during the 80s. At the operational level, TOC is implemented by means of the well-known DBR (Drum-Buffer-Rope) production control system. In a multiproduct manufacturing environment, the performance of DBR is greatly(More)
Formulation process is a very complex activity which sometimes implicates taking decisions about parameters or variables to obtain the best results in a high variability or uncertainty context. Therefore, robust optimization tools can be very useful for obtaining high quality formulations. This paper proposes the optimization of different responses through(More)
This work was aimed at determining the feasibility of artificial neural networks (ANN) by implementing backpropagation algorithms with default settings to generate better predictive models than multiple linear regression (MLR) analysis. The study was hypothesized on timolol-loaded liposomes. As tutorial data for ANN, causal factors were used, which were fed(More)
The purpose of this work was to analyze the deformability properties of different timolol maleate (TM)-loaded transfersomes by extrusion. This was performed because elastic liposomes may contribute to the elevation of amount and rate of drug permeation through the corneal membrane. This paper describes the optimization of a transfersome formulation by use(More)
The role of compositematerials in the development of new advanced products formany industrial applications is strictly dependent on the reduction of materials and processing costs. High-performance composites are usually manufactured utilizing prepregs for lamination and an autoclave, where the curing process of the thermosetting matrix is completed by(More)
The evolution of the markets in recent years caused the evolution of production systems to adapt to a new kind of demand. This demand is characterized by requiring products more varied, available within a short time and at a reasonable price. We observed an evolution of productive systems from mass production to mass customization strategies. The adaptation(More)
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