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Protein solubility under different pH conditions, amino acid composition of proteins in the flours, and proteins isolated at a pH of 4.5 (P.I.), as well as trypsin inhibitor and hemagglutinin activities were studied in five Brazilian soybean varieties. The levels of protein and non-protein amino compounds were similar for all varieties. More protein was(More)
OBJECTIVES To evaluate the colour stability of paints used for ocular prosthesis iris painting submitted for accelerated artificial ageing (AAA). MATERIALS AND METHODS Forty specimens of acrylic resin for sclera (16 × 2 mm) were made and separated into eight groups (n = 10) according to the type of paint (gouache, GP; oil, OP; acrylic AP; and composite(More)
While the data of Table I11 indicate that Brazil nut protein does supplement bean protein, the quantitative estimate of the supplementation effect varies with the measure used for protein evaluation. Specifically, the amino acid scores drop faster than the protein efficiency ratios or the microbiological values, as the protein quality of the diet(More)
1 Agronomist Eng., Dr. Professor; 2Agronomist Student; Agronomist Eng., Dr.; Agronomist Eng., Science and Technology Agroindustry Doctor Degree Student; Agronomist Eng., Dr. Professor; Post-harvest, Industrialization and Grains Quality Laboratory, Science and Technology Agroindustry Department. Agronomy Faculty. Federal University of Pelotas. Phone: +55 53(More)
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