Pedro Keller de Oliveira

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The two Ni(2+)-containing heteropolytungstates [Ni14(OH)6(H2O)10(HPO4)4(P2W15O56)4](34-) (Ni14) and [Ni5(OH)4(H2O)4(β-GeW9O34)(β-GeW8O30(OH))](13-) (Ni5) have been successfully synthesized in(More)
Recent experimental results about the oxidation of methionine enkephalin by ·OH radicals indicated an intramolecular electron transfer between the C-terminal methionine radical cation and the(More)
Gas-phase structural modifications induced by the oxidation of methionine of the two peptides of reverse sequence, methionine-valine (Met-Val) and valine-methionine (Val-Met), have been studied by(More)
The Dawson-type arsenato-phosphato-tungstate α-[AsPW18O62](6-) has been prepared and unambiguously identified for the first time. A comparative study including the four other already known compounds,(More)