Pedro Jodrá

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Given an n-vertex convex polygon, we show that a shortest Hamiltonian path visiting all vertices without imposing any restriction on the starting and ending vertices of the path can be found in O(nlogn) time and Θ(n) space. The time complexity increases to O(nlog2 n) for computing this path inside an n-vertex simple polygon. The previous best algorithms for(More)
We consider the problem of computing the recurrence E[i] = minj,l,,,.,, minl~k~iIb(i, j) + c(j, k) + EW 111, i = 1 ,..., n, where E[O] is known and B = {b(i, j)) and C = (c(j, k)] are known weight Monge matrices of size n x rn and m x n, respectively. We provide an O(m + n)-algorithm for calculating the E[i] values. This algorithm allows us to linearly(More)
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