Pedro H. S. Antunes

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INTRODUCTION AND AIMS The Subclavian vein has been traditionally the vein of choice for central venous catheterization by general surgeons. Alternative settings for the introduction of totally implantable venous access devices (TIVAD) and the search for lower rates of morbidity led to the choice of other central veins. This study compares two different(More)
Desatando a trama das redes assistenciais sobre drogas: uma revisão narrativa da literatura Unravelling the skein of care networks on drugs: a narrative review of the literature Abstract Heated debates on given models of treatment for drug users have raged in the halls of academia, in public policies, not to mention in the media. The care network on drugs(More)
A 70-year-old man with known cardiovascular risk factors, presented with acute onset expression aphasia, agraphia, dyscalculia, right-left disorientation and finger agnosia, without fever or meningeal signs. Stroke was thought to be the cause, but cerebrovascular disease investigation was negative. Interviewing the family revealed he had undergone yellow(More)
Nevirapine (NVP) is a frequently used anti-HIV drug. Despite its efficacy, NVP has been associated with serious skin and liver injuries in exposed patients and with increased incidences of hepatoneoplasias in rodents. Current evidence supports the involvement of reactive metabolites in the skin and liver toxicities of NVP, formed by cytochrome P450-mediated(More)
Assessment in the mental health area is a mechanism able to generate information that positively helps decision-making. Therefore, it is necessary to appropriate on the existing discussions , reasoning the challenges and possibilities linked to knowledge production within this scientific filed. A systematic review of publications about the Brazilian(More)
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