Pedro H. M. Lira

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Panoramic X-Ray images are very popular as a first tool for diagnosis in odontological protocols. Automating the process of analysis of such images is important in order to help dentist procedures. In this process, teeth segmentation from the radiographic images and feature extraction are essential steps. In this paper, we propose a segmentation approach(More)
We present a family of six BVI template light curves for SNe Ia for days-5 and +80, based on high-quality data gathered at CTIO. These templates display a wide range of light curve morphologies, with initial decline rates of their B light curves between ∆m 15 (B)=0.87 m and 1.93 m. We use these templates to study the general morphology of SNe Ia light(More)
We present simultaneous X-ray and optical B and V band light curves of the Seyfert Galaxy NGC 3783 spanning 2 years. The flux in all bands is highly variable and the fluctuations are significantly correlated. As shown before by Stirpe et al. the optical bands vary simultaneously, with a delay of less than 1.5 days but both B and V bands lag the X-ray(More)
Automating the process of analysis of Panoramic X-Ray images is important to help dentist procedures and diagnosis. Tooth segmentation from the radiographic images and feature extraction are essential steps. The authors propose a segmentation approach based on mathematical morphology, quadtree decomposition for mask generation, thresholding, and snake(More)
The authors investigated the global and adjusted rates of early neonatal mortality, perinatal mortality, stillbirth rates, and low birthweight rates, all occurring between 1975-81 in the Central Health Area of Santiago. While these parameters are compared with national and international indicators, significant advances can be observed in these levels. The(More)
OBJECTIVES The accuracy of cone-beam technique, cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT), compared with that of the multislice spiral CT (MSCT), for image-based linear measurements of midpalatal suture was assessed. MATERIAL AND METHODS Two measurements were performed by one investigator on the dry skull by using one digital caliper and in the axial cuts by(More)
s of the 13th Red Lara Taller General, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 26-28 April 2017 P-02. Vaginismus in Assisted Reproductive Technologies Centers: an invisible population to be cared M.C.B. de Souza1, M.C.G. Gusmão1, R.A. Antunes1, M.M. de Souza1, A.L.S. Rito1, P. Lira1, A.C.A. Mancebo1, M.A. Tamm1, T.R. Panaino1, M.J. Bahia1 1Fertipraxis Reprodução Humana,(More)
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