Pedro Goncalves

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Many neural systems can store short-term information in persistently firing neurons. Such persistent activity is believed to be maintained by recurrent feedback among neurons. This hypothesis has been fleshed out in detail for the oculomotor integrator (OI) for which the so-called "line attractor" network model can explain a large set of observations. Here(More)
The backstroke swimming start international rules changed in 2005. This study compared two backstroke start variants, both with feet parallel to each other but in complete immersion and emersion. Six elite swimmers performed two sets of 4 maximal 15 m bouts, each set using one of the variants. The starts were videotaped in the sagittal plane with two(More)
BACKGROUND Kinesiology tape seems to improve muscle force, although little is known regarding its effect on latency time and postural sway. OBJECTIVES To examine the effects of kinesiology taping on fibularis longus latency time and postural sway in healthy subjects. METHODS Thirty participants were equally randomized into three groups, two experimental(More)
5 The aim of this study was to assess and compare, through electromyography, the neuromuscular activation during the rotation and push-off phases of four backstroke to breaststroke swimming turns. Eight male swimmers volunteered in this study, comparing the open turn, the back flip turn and the crossover turn. The crossover turn was the one that most(More)
Foot and hand set-up position effects were analysed on backstroke start performance. Ten swimmers randomly completed 27 starts grouped in trials (n = 3) of each variation, changing foot (totally immersed, partially and totally emerged) and hand (lowest, highest horizontal and vertical) positioning. Fifteen cameras recorded kinematics, and four force plates(More)
IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) cloud applications require reliable, fault-tolerant networks, supporting real-time guarantees and allowing interaction with other applications already existing in the datacenter. The Software Defined Networks (SDN) paradigm is especially suited for the management of the network cloud because of its fine grained admission(More)
A proficient start is decisive in sprint competitive swimming events and requires swimmers' to exert maximal forces in a short period to complete the task successfully. The aim of this study was to compare the electromyographic (EMG) activity in-between the backstroke start with feet positioned parallel and partially emerged performed with the hands on the(More)
Extreme Data is an incarnation of Big Data concept distinguished by the massive amounts of data that must be queried, communicated and analyzed in near real-time by using a very large number of memory or storage elements and exascale computing systems. Immediate examples are the scientific data produced at a rate of hundreds of gigabits-per-second that must(More)
Industrial Internet and Industrial Internet of Things are emerging concepts that concern the use of Internet technologies on industrial environments. The main objective of such architectural visions is allowing a tight and seamless integration between all the functional units and layers that compose industrial processes, from the lowest levels (e.g.(More)