Pedro Giraudo

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BACKGROUND Ewing's family of tumors (EFT) comprises a broad spectrum of tumors composed of primitive committed cells with neuroectodermal capacity. The degree of neural differentiation within EFT, as measured with morphological features and expression of neural markers, delimits two members: Ewing's sarcoma (ES) and peripheral primitive neuroectodermal(More)
PURPOSE To present a rare case of multiple fibroadenomas in breast and vulva and myomas in the uterus. In addition, to show the usefulness of receptor detection as a basis for the indication of antiestrogens. CASE A 30-year-old patient presenting with a history of mammary fibroadenomas since the age of 16 years and uterine myomas since the age of 25(More)
Heterotopic pancreas is the presence of pancreatic tissue outside the anatomical location of the pancreas. It is a rare condition and can occur anywhere in the gastrointestinal tract with the stomach and small bowel as the most common sites. It is usually asymptomatic but may become clinically evident when complicates by pathologic changes such as(More)
We describe the development of sandwich enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays designed to measure native and glycated apolipoprotein B containing particles in plasma. The assays utilize monoclonal antibodies anti native or glycated apo B-LDL for coating and a polyclonal anti apoB-LDL-peroxidase conjugate as the detecting antibody. The method is specific,(More)
Running title: anti-apoptotic and neuroectodermal pathways in Ewing family of tumors Supported by grant 01/0673 fom FIS (Madrid) and PROTHETS (EC Contract number 503036). ABSTRACT Aims An important criteria for EFT is that it originates from a primitive committed cell with neuroectodermal capacity. The degree of neural differentiation within EFT, as(More)
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