Pedro Galvão-Ferreira

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The basal ganglia, and the striatum in particular, are critical for action reinforcement [1,2]. The dorsal striatum, which can be further subdivided into dorsomedial (DMS) and dorsolateral (DLS) striatum, is mainly composed of two subpopulations of striatal medium spiny projection neurons (MSNs): dopamine D1 receptor-expressing MSNs that constitute the(More)
A multilayered complexity of epigenetic and transcriptional regulatory mechanisms underlies neuronal activity-dependent gene transcription. The regulation of RNA Pol II progression along the transcription cycle, from promoter-proximal poising (with RNA Pol II paused at promoter-proximal regions, characterized by a Ser5P+-rich and Ser2P+-poor RPB1 CTD) to(More)
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