Pedro Galán del Sastre

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ABSTRACT Nonisotopic molecular dot blot hybridization technique and multiplex reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction assay for the specific detection of Lettuce big-vein virus (LBVV) and Mirafiori lettuce virus (MiLV) in lettuce tissue were developed. Both procedures were suitable for the specific detection of both viruses in a range of naturally(More)
The potential role of 10 frequently occurring weed species found amongst Spanish lettuce crops as host plants for the two viruses associated with the lettuce big-vein disease, Lettuce big-vein associated virus (LBVaV) and Mirafiori lettuce big-vein virus (MLBVV), was studied. The results showed that both viruses can infect naturally growing Sonchus(More)
We study estimates for proper orthogonal decomposition eigenvectors and eigenvalues as well as error estimates between the exact solution of a 2D Navier– Stokes model and the numerical approach when the proper orthogonal decomposition method is considered. These estimates are also extended when bifurcation diagram are calculated using the so called p-POD or(More)
We consider a mathematical model related to the stationary regime of a plasma of fusion nuclear, magnetically confined in a Stellarator device. Using the geometric properties of the fusion device, a suitable system of coordinates and averaging methods, the mathematical problem may be reduced to a two dimensional free boundary problem of nonlocal type, where(More)
Evidence-based practice may be implemented more successfully if the barriers to its implementation have been previously identified. Many of the available instruments to measure these barriers have been validated in single samples or without confirmatory analyses. The objective of the study was to contrast the goodness of fit of two measurement models (24(More)
This paper focuses on the parallelization of an ocean model applying current multicore processor-based cluster architectures to an irregular computational mesh. The aim is to maximize the efficiency of the computational resources used. To make the best use of the resources offered by these architectures, this parallelization has been addressed at all the(More)
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