Pedro Gabriel Melo de Barros e Silva

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Background: Recent studies have shown fondaparinux's superiority over enoxaparin in patients with non-ST elevation acute coronary syndrome (ACS), especially in relation to bleeding reduction. The description of this finding in a Brazilian registry has not yet been documented. Objective: To compare fondaparinux versus enoxaparin in in-hospital prognosis of(More)
OBJECTIVE Report the experience with the Society of Thoracic Surgeons scoring system in a Brazilian population submitted to isolated coronary artery bypass graft surgery. METHODS Data were collected from January-2010 to December-2011, and analyzed to determine the performance of the Society of Thoracic Surgeons scoring system on the determination of(More)
OBJECTIVE Cardiac surgeries are sometimes followed by significant blood loss, and blood transfusions may be necessary. However, indiscriminant use of blood components can result in detrimental effects for the patient. We evaluated the short-term effects of implementation of a protocol for the rational use of blood products in the perioperative period of(More)
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