Pedro G. Fernandez

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We determined the plasmatic corticosterone and 5-HT, NA and DA levels in the hypothalamus, amygdala, hippocampus and septum at different hours. Significant fluctuations were found to occur in the biogenic amines and corticosterone plasmatic levels. Highest levels of this hormone were detected at the end of the light period. Plasma corticosterone was found(More)
Glutamate is loaded into synaptic vesicles by vesicular glutamate transporters (VGLUTs), and alterations in the transporters expression directly regulate neurotransmitter release. We investigated changes in VGLUT1 and VGLUT2 protein levels after ischemic and excitotoxic insults. The results show that VGLUT2 is cleaved by calpains after excitotoxic(More)
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