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PURPOSE To use a new methodological approach, based on luminance noise, to assess without bias the relative damage of blue-yellow and red-green pathways in ocular hypertension and glaucoma and to correlate obtained measurements with clinical markers of disease progression. METHODS A psychophysical procedure modified from Cambridge color test was used to(More)
It has often been postulated that asymmetries in performance within the visual field (VF) are not characteristic of early visual processing. Here, human retinal (naso/temporal), cortical (left/right) and superior/inferior patterns of asymmetry were explored with achromatic contrast sensitivity (CS) tasks, that probed distinct spatiotemporal frequency(More)
The energy resource scheduling is becoming increasingly important, as the use of distributed resources is intensified and massive gridable vehicle (V2G) use is envisaged. This paper presents a methodology for day-ahead energy resource scheduling for smart grids considering the intensive use of distributed generation and V2G. The main focus is the comparison(More)
PURPOSE To characterize contrast sensitivity (CS) across the visual field for two achromatic spatial-temporal frequencies in 21 families with Stargardt disease (STGD) and to correlate psychophysical impairment with patterns of change in multifocal electroretinography (mfERG). METHODS Twenty-seven eyes from patients with STGD, 16 eyes from asymptomatic(More)
This paper addresses the problem of energy resource scheduling. An aggregator will manage all distributed resources connected to its distribution network, including distributed generation based on renewable energy resources, demand response, storage systems, and electrical gridable vehicles. The use of gridable vehicles will have a significant impact on(More)
Price-based demand response is applied to electric power systems. Demand elasticity and consumer response enables load reduction. The methodology is implemented in the DemSi demand response simulator. Competitive electricity markets have arisen as a result of power sector restructuration and power system deregulation. The players participating in(More)
In the energy management of the isolated operation of small power system, the economic scheduling of the generation units is a crucial problem. Applying right timing can maximize the performance of the supply. The optimal operation of a wind turbine, a solar unit, a fuel cell and a storage battery is searched by a mixed-integer linear programming(More)
Demand response can play a very relevant role in future power systems in which distributed generation can help to assure service continuity in some fault situations. This paper deals with the demand response concept and discusses its use in the context of competitive electricity markets and intensive use of distributed generation. The paper presents DemSi,(More)