Pedro F. Souto

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The development of safety-critical embedded applications in domains such as automotive or avionics is an exceedingly challenging intellectual task. This task can, however, be significantly simplified through the use of middleware that offers specialized fault-tolerant services. This middleware must provide a high assurance level that it operates correctly.(More)
In this paper, a Traffic Separation mechanism (TSm) is proposed for CSMA-based networks. The TSm mechanism is intended to be used as an underlying traffic separation mechanism able to prioritize traffic in CSMA-based networks. It allows the coexistence of standard CSMA (non-modified) stations with TSm (modified) stations in the same network domain. When a(More)
This document describes a Ph.D. level course, corresponding to a Curricular Unit covering the Theory of Distributed Computing, currently running in the joint MAP-i doctoral programme in Informatics, organized by three Portuguese universities (Minho, Aveiro and Porto). This course has been submitted for accreditaion by the CMU doctoral programme in August(More)